Board insists that the CTAP must seek “private funds” before the fall of income “due to the crisis in the sector”

The Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of the Junta de Andalucía

Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, insisted on Thursday that the Board of the Andalusian Technology Center of the Stone (CTAP), located in Macael (Almeria) and in a situation of pre-agreement of creditors, it is a “private” institution that must “also seek private funds” for its maintenance, since the “problem” it suffers is due to the fact that its income “has dropped 400,000 euros per year due to the crisis in the construction sector”.
This has been indicated by the counselor during his speech in the plenary of Parliament to questions from PP-A and PSOE-A, which has indicated that the Board will pay an outstanding debt of 620,000 euros with the entity before the end of the year and that It will also work to raise to “final” a provisional resolution of 2012 for which a grant of 1.2 million euros was awarded and which also affects other technology centers.

“We hope they can receive those additional 1.2 million euros and have the credit to raise this resolution to final,” said Ramírez de Arellano, who added that the CTAP pre-contest situation, requested last July, makes “impossible” to enforce an “exceptional” resolution worth 1.8 million euros “especially if it is not clear that the subsidy is dedicated to a project of technological interest in a clear manner”.

In any case, the Andalusian head of Economy has insisted that CTAP accounts “make it very clear” that “the problem it has is not subsidies” that “it receives them every year”, but that the bulk is in “others”. income “derived from the activity. “This does not stop us from being close to them,” he added.

However, the regional deputy of the PP of Almeria, Pablo Venzal, has criticized the lack of “support” of the Board to this center when “the only real” is that the CTAP “is in pre-contest of creditors and will make an ERE dismissing the entire staff “when the center was born to” improve the productive model, R & D & I and excellence “of the marble region.

Venzal has stressed that the Board undertook before the members of the board “to pay” their debts, so “the entrepreneurs pledged many of these contracts and grants with loans in financial institutions” waiting for “the Board money “- no credit check loans from “The only thing that the foundation raises is that when will they pay,” the parliamentarian reproached.

In the same sense, he has criticized the lack of “commitment to the production model” both for the actions relating to this center and for investment in infrastructure such as the Almanzora Highway, which “of the 84 kilometers of highway that since 1996 they promised the Almeriaians only 22 kilometers have been done “.


The counselor has also informed, at the request of the PSOE-A, of the situation of the rest of the technology centers based in Almería, so that he has referred to the situation of the Advanced Technological Center for Renewable Energies (Ctaer), which “was in a situation preconcurso “but que” has drawn up a viability plan to which is added the signing of a contract in technological matters that will provide 500,000 euros immediately. ”

For the autonomic head of Economy, this is “a correct policy” based on “looking for new areas of business” that will be supported by the Andalusian Government “distributing 75,000 euros to each of the universities” that are involved in the center, these are, the universities of Almería, Cádiz, and Jaén. Likewise, he pointed out that the payment of the pending basal financing with the center will be met as well as that of 1.5 million euros once the pending justifications are resolved.

Ramírez de Arellano has also referred to the Tecnova Foundation Center, dedicated to research in the auxiliary agriculture industry, which is expected to pay 455,000 euros in funding this year as well as a nominal grant of 399,000 euros, “in such a way that the support is constant and continuous, “he stressed.

From the PSOE have recalled that is pending the request for reimbursement of 1.4 million euros for these centers by the Ministry of Economy while they have argued that the funding of these entities “was raised during the first years through the direct help from the Board to cover basic needs “, but that” as a result of the budget cuts “the amount of the aid” decreased “.